Vareo PRO Perfect Binder with InfiniTrim
Book on demand application meets productivity and quality!

The Vareo PRO perfect binder is the compact all-rounder that stands for maximum binding quality. The duo comes into its own for the cost-effective processing of individual softcover and liner brochures as an inline configuration with the InfiniTrim three-knife trimmer, with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Ideal for offset and digital printing

With extremely flexible equipment, the Vareo PRO can be configured to match customer needs or expanded on demand through extensions. For example, the binder can be equipped with an optional book block feed station, various interchangeable spine glue stations or a crash station for the desired application. Thanks to the optional barcode system and the size and book thickness measurement station, the Vareo PRO can also process book blocks with different block thicknesses and sizes fully automatically. As a result, high-quality books can be produced in a very short time, regardless of whether offset or digitally printed products need to be finished.

InfiniTrim: Zero set-up costs and no production waste

The InfiniTrim impresses not only with its unit drive technology for all grippers and knives, enabling full size and thickness variability from book to book, but also ensures the correct positioning and the ideal pressing of every single product fully automatically, which ensures the best trim quality. All the components are controlled and monitored via Connex.

Most brilliant perfect binder in its class

Each clamp of the Vareo PRO is equipped with its own servo motor. This allows for different processes to be combined, which increases the real output compared to conventional perfect binders in this performance class, especially in variable-thickness mode. At the same time, it allows for individually adjustable, long pressing times. Optimal bridge plates on the products can also be attained in the stations thanks to the unit drive technology. All this provides first-class binding quality together with consistently high production performance – unique in this performance class