Module overview

An overview of the available functions and the corresponding category can be found here. New modules and functions will be added here on an ongoing basis.

MPOWER offers you as a customer numerous modules and functions. These can be divided into the following categories:

  • Free of charge: Module / function is available free of charge with every newly delivered machine.
  • Contract related: Module / function is only available if the machine / line has a valid RemoteLine / RemoteLine Plus contract.
  • ​Licence related: Module / function is only available if a separate software licence is purchased.
Module Function Free of charge Contract related Licence related
Basic module
Provides the framework for the other modules 

Display of installed machines in list form

Home Configurable display of the available modules on the main screen

Equipment Clear display of the installed lines in your plant with the most important parameters   



Connex Info Cloud Dashboard Real-time evaluation of production data of the connected lines with a large selection of KPI's visually displayed      

Connex Info Cloud Analytics Targeted evaluation of the data based on individually configurable filter options, to carry out detailed analysis and to recognize potential for optimization    

Connex Info Cloud Report Generation of various reports (machine or order related) in PDF format for reporting purposes. Reports can be subscribed to    

Support Automatic call creation (eCall)  

Display of service history


Shows all relevant contact data as well as your valid remote contracts


Provision of current, available documentation on delivery of new machines (from 2021) 

Provision of the available documentation for machines with delivery after 2016 on a "best-effort" basis  

Shop Zugang zum E-Shop – elektronischer Ersatzteil-Shop    

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