Connex Info Cloud –
3 modules for production optimization

Connex Info Cloud collects the production data from the connected production lines, both from Muller Martini and from third-party aggregates, and processes it into a variety of meaningful key figures. The data evaluations can be accessed in real time or as a report sent directly to the e-mail inbox. Every user sees the relevant data at a glance.
Advantages of Connex Info Cloud:

  • Cloud-based – so data is available everywhere and at any time
  • MIS interface
  • Modular system
  • User-friendly
  • Individually configurable
  • Always the latest features

Dashboard module – data evaluation in real time

The Dashboard module makes real-time data available in a clear format.
It can display the integrated machines and their status, as well as the jobs currently being processed. The dashboard display can be personalized at user level so that each user sees only the data relevant to them.

Analytics module – meaningful KPIs

The Analytics module focuses on flexible online data analysis. Various predefined evaluation and visualisation options are available. This allows production performance to be analyzed and specific events to be checked.
From the findings, measures can be derived that positively influence the production flow.

Module Reporting- Automated Reports

The Reporting module focuses on the recurring generation of evaluations based on predefined templates. All data from the past up to shortly before the triggering point can be used for the key figure calculation.
PDF reports can be created from these, which can either be stored in a directory or sent as an e-mail from onwards.

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