About your Cooperation with Müller Martini

Müller Martini’s customers around the world are active in a demanding market. Accordingly, Müller Martini sets high standards regarding quality, prices, and delivery reliability for their suppliers. As a Swiss family-owned business, rich with tradition and active on a global scale, Müller Martini offers their suppliers attractive benefits as partners:

  • Innovative company with a high level of technical expertise
  • Reliable business partners
  • Excellent payment history
  • Always open to suggestions for improvement
  • Monthly performance monitoring, especially for strategic and preferred partners, to oversee and improve the process
  • Optional electronic order handling (Conextrade platform)

Requirements for suppliers

The supplier must be committed to the zero-defect target and a high rate of on-time delivery of at least 90%, and be continuously optimizing their services to that effect. In addition, they must have a certified quality system in accordance with ISO 9000 ff as a general rule, or at the very least, be able to prove that their relevant processes based on this standard are documented and will then be demonstrably operated. Depending on turnover and number of order items, the supplier is prepared to receive and deliver orders, order confirmations, and invoices electronically via the Swisscom Conextrade trading platform. Müller Martini requires suppliers to make the declaration of preferential origin of goods. 

Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)


The supplier has a structured process for continuously improving all products, processes, business procedures, and services. They will demonstrably use this for all activities associated with products delivered to Müller Martini and with the business relationship. Effectiveness shall be demonstrated through consistent efforts to improve quality of service, prices, delivery performance, flexibility, and cooperation, and be apparent in the form of an outstanding supplier rating. 


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Cooperation with Suppliers 
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