SigmaLine lll
The Unique Complete System

The SigmaLine lll connects digital printing and print finishing into one unique complete system, allowing fully automated production in one pass – from the PDF file to the gathered book block, even for VDP production down to print runs of one copy. With web widths between 20” and 42” and power of up to 1,000 fpm (305 m/min), it is the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective system for digital printing applications on the market.


The unique solution from a PDF to a finished book

As a unique production line, the SigmaLine lll carries out production from digital pre-press (PDF handling and digital page assembly) to digital printing (printing press controls) right through to print finishing (production of book blocks to the final product) - PDF in, book out.

The epitome of on-the-fly job changeovers and size changeovers

Job changes, even with size adjustments, are completed on the fly within seconds and are done fully automated, without the need for the operator. The SigmaLine lll is a perfect example for maximum efficiency.

Versatile system modularity for the highest investment security

The SigmaLine lll features a modular design, which allows for individual configuration of the entire digital printing line. Thanks to this modular design, print finishing can be adjusted at any time in the event of later changes to digital production.