Our comprehensive service support guarantees first-class product quality, added value and profitability over the long term - for Muller Martini as well as for Kolbus products.
  • Optimizes your operating and investment costs
  • Secures your productivity, quality and added value
  • Provides reliable investment protection for your production systems
  • Maintains and increases the profitability of your equipment


Are you planning a new project or a machine relocation? Whether you are making a new investment, restructuring or expanding your business, you can rely on the technical expertise of our sales staff, consultants and service technicians. Thanks to our professional project management and the perfect installation and commissioning of your machine, we ensure productivity right from the start.

We provide you with

  • Minimum equipment downtime
  • A global logistics network
  • Quick supply of spare parts for the whole product range
  • High-quality original spare parts with a guarantee
  • Repair service on site or at Muller Martini
  • Specialists with many years of experience


The Individual Concept for Your Production Reliability 

The high degree of availability and productivity of your Muller Martini machines is key to your success, your added value and your profitability. With MMServices, Muller Martini supports you throughout the life cycle of your production equipment. Under the MMSupport concept, Muller Martini has now divided its services into different technological categories.

This ensures that our services suit your needs perfectly. We continue to strive to ensure that our customers are maximally satisfied with their system from Muller Martini and our after-sales service. In short, we provide you with reliable investment protection. The MMSupport concept from Muller Martini tailored to your individual needs gives you reliability with.

Help Line


During standard local working hours, a proficient contact person is available via our technical hotline to provide you with targeted support, advise you, and assist you in your day-to-day work and any machine problems you may have.
How You Benefit

  • Swift response to queries regarding software and hardware
  • Assistance in matters related to operation and production
  • Immediate notification when problems are identified
  • Organization of on-site support visits


For detailed information in your country, contact your local agency

Remote Line


Your remote-capable machine has an online connection to provide you with a direct line during standard working hours to our local service experts and factory specialists. Fast troubleshooting greatly improves your production reliability.

How You Benefit

  • Expert support at the touch of a button – as soon as your error message is received, our service experts will begin corrective action
  • Quick troubleshooting thanks to remote service diagnosis and telephone support
  • Coordination of further service steps

On Site Support


In the case of faults that cannot be resolved over the telephone or at the push of a button, our highly qualified service technicians will rapidly provide on-site assistance. Thanks to their access to the full construction and production details of your equipment, they can fix any machine.
How You Benefit

  • Installation of original spare parts
  • Efficient inspection of mechanical, electrical and software components
  • Minimal equipment downtime
  • Extensive expertise thanks to years of practical experience

General Terms & Conditions



Regular inspections and preventive maintenance pay off. Muller Martini provides extensive support to ensure the maximum uptime of your machine. Following inspection by our experienced technicians, you receive an analysis, listing problem areas and potential solutions. That frees you from worrying about possible production downtime and allows you to produce even more efficiently.

We provide you with

  • Comprehensive life cycle management
  • Inspections and maintenance for the optimal performance and efficiency of your production equipment
  • Expert analysis of the current condition of your machine line-up
  • Recommendations for immediate action
  • A report on the condition of your equipment


The continued high performance of your machine is ensured by regular updates in line with the state of the art. That keeps your productivity at the maximum level and extends the life cycle of your equipment by many years.
Since all Muller Martini systems have a modular design, you also benefit from a wide range of options for retrofitting or expanding your system. That allows you to remain competitive on quickly changing markets.

We provide you with

  • Investment protection and ROI optimization
  • Over 250 different updates and upgrades
  • Broad product range due to extended system functionality
  • Retrofitting to prevent downtime due to spare parts that can no longer be supplied


Muller Martini’s availability of spare parts is exemplary in the industry. Original spare parts for all machines are available in large quantities from our central spare parts service center in Switzerland and distribution centers. You can order them around the clock and take receipt of them within 24 hours. That ensures uninterrupted, high-quality production at all times.

We provide you with


  • Minimum equipment downtime
  • A global logistics network
  • Quick supply of spare parts for the whole product range
  • High-quality original spare parts with a guarantee
  • Repair service on site or at Muller Martini
  • Specialists with many years of experience


High equipment uptime is essential, especially for state-of-the-art, high-performance and closely connected production processes involving large capital investment. An individually tailored service contract allows you to select the elements you need from our service packages in order to guarantee your productivity and keep service costs predictable and low in the interest of efficient life cycle management.

We provide you with

  • Customized service packages
  • Service range extending from preventive maintenance to repairs
  • Predictable costs thanks to prices that are set annually


Our shared goal is to become even better. Muller Martini helps you keep staff up-to-date, optimize your production and continuously adapt it to production requirements. Thanks to customized training, your machine operators and operating personnel will pick up numerous tips and tricks from our experts. In addition, our service technicians, who have extensive expertise, are happy to assist you with production, for example of a niche product.

We provide you with


  • Increased productivity thanks to proficient training
  • Fewer operating errors, less downtime and lower support costs
  • Increased efficiency and motivation of your operating personnel
  • Increased security thanks to professional production support


Together with the company Goebel MMD GmbH, which also offers new machines, we offer you customized service solutions, retrofits and upgrades for all Muller Martini printing machines. The comprehensive service contents of MMServices.Print are so flexible that they can be used individually or perfectly combined with each other - with the intention of increasing the production availability of your printing machine. In addition to the well-known on-site service and worldwide availability of spare parts, we cover all requirements of the product life cycle with a comprehensive service portfolio - in partnership with you.