Connex LineControl
Integration in the Digital Workflow

LineControl enables the integration of our production equipment in a main planning system (MIS/MES) via a digital job sheet (JDF). The JDF file contains all the relevant production control data. This data is used to prepare the production line and then transmit the job to the production line. This substantially reduces the organizational work that the operator has to perform during his daily routine. Job data, such as print run, job name, size, etc., is available directly in the machine with no need for manual entry by the operator. This ensures the quality of the data throughout the entire production process. LineControl also features options to integrate a barcode scanner to activate orders and identify errors.

Reduce setup times

Nowadays, operators have numerous orders. LineControl allows them to focus entirely on their work:
  • Connex processes all the order data transmitted by the MIS completely automatically

  • LineControl has a clear display that indicates the next work steps (e.g. the headband will be changed in ten minutes).

Fully automated workflow

The operator does not have to worry about providing the order data. The digital job sheet is transmitted directly to the production line and provides the operator with a clear list of tasks to choose from. Changes to the order data can be made directly in the MIS and are available to the machine even if they are made at the last minute.

Increase in production quality

Many companies now work with an optimal production sequence that can change at any time based on new orders, production disruptions, etc. LineControl can, for example, require the order sequence to be followed based on the order data that is provided.

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