Apollo compensating Stacker

The Apollo compensating stacker reliably places the saddle stitched products in cross-stacked piles. It is used in the lower and mid-performance range, and reaches production speeds of up to 16,000 cycles per hour. Size changes can be made without any tools, which reduces setup times considerably.

Easy to operate

All machine processes can be monitored on the operating panel. The stack height and number of copies are pre-selected in the machine program. Production and error information is clearly displayed
in a text field. Size changes can be made without tools, which greatly reduces setup times.

Perfect cross-stacking, correct counting

The Apollo processes products in one-up or two-up production. The gathered copies are neatly centered in the prestacking compartment by means of vibration. Scales and handwheels on the prestacking belt and the turntable make setup and changeovers easy. Adjustments can also be made while the machine is in operation.

Reliable and flexible bundle building

Thanks to the use of camera systems, bundles can be built and ejected according to the mailing route. Products can be layered or cross-stacked. They can also be ejected from above to the left, right or alternate sides.