Antaro Perfect Binder
Compact and Reliable

The Antaro perfect binder from Müller Martini is not only very compact in design, but also extremely flexible in use. In combination with a gathering machine, a three-knife trimmer and equipped with 12 clamps, the Antaro is suitable for the production of offset jobs and achieves a performance of 4000 cycles/h. At the same time, it offers a high level of investment protection, because the system can be expanded and adapted on a modular basis.

Highly automated and process-reliable

The Antaro produces with a continuously running swing clamp system. The book blocks are transported in horizontally, standing on their spines and are reliably retained by the clamps, which are always fully open.

Top class end products

The perfect binder produces with two spine milling stations, therefore guaranteeing perfect spine machining. Replacing the gluing units is simple. The system uses EVA and PUR, as well as a glue monitoring system in the PUR nozzle, which controls correct application of the glue.

Unbeatable variability

The newly developed Antaro unites the tried, tested and familiar technology from Müller Martini systems and combines it with new features. It processes all conventional types of book blocks such as signature stacks, pre-glued or thread-sewn book blocks or single-sheet stacks, whereby these can be ergonomically and easily fed manually if no inline connection is available.