SigmaLine Compact
More Books per Roll

With the SigmaLine Compact, digital printers can produce more end products in the smallest space (40 m2) with fewer staff and a lower waste rate. With a web speed of up to 200 m/min, the new addition to the SigmaLine family is particularly impressive thanks to rapid changeover times for job and format changes. Changing the folding schemes (from 3-across to 4-across, for example) takes less than 10 seconds. With the SigmaLine Compact, Müller Martini is setting another milestone in digital book block production.

Whole new level of flexibility

Designed to handle digitally printed rolls up to 22.5 inches, the SigmaLine Compact is the perfect solution for any digital printer producing pre-products for softcover, hardcover, thread sewing and saddle stitched print products in their Smart Factory.

Folding process is the highlight

While all known digital folders work with a sword, former or plow fold unit, the SigmaLine Compact uses Müller Martini's tried and tested, patented air knife technology.

Sustainable and efficient

When the folding scheme is changed, the SigmaLine Compact produces just a few metres of waste without a need for the press to adjust its speed; given the current high material and energy prices, this is yet another decisive argument. This is where Finishing 4.0 meets sustainability in the production of books, brochures and magazines.