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18.06.2019 / Alexander Kraitsch

Trusting is good – control is better: quality assurance in thread sewing with MMVision

When used as a signature control on the Muller Martini Ventura MC 200 thread sewing machine, the new MMVision control system offers internal recognition of the correct sequence and sheet opening with fully automatic image area adjustment (real-time live image). In the area of conventional thread sewing, MMVision is used exclusively on Muller Martini's most powerful and automated thread sewing machine, the Ventura MC 200. 

The tried-and-tested ASIR 3 type signature control system on the Ventura MC 200 has been further developed and enhanced by the new MMVision to include a camera-based system. This control system, which is exclusively available from Muller Martini, offers additional benefits on the Ventura MC 200 to meet the increasingly complex needs of our customers, provide more possibilities to relieve the operator and detect errors even more effectively. 

But what exactly are the benefits of the MMVision system on the Ventura MC 200?

With MMVision, there is no need to adjust the reading range before use. The reading window of the system is designed in such a way to record the entire format range processed by the Ventura. This eliminates the need for manual adjustment. With constantly changing formats, this relieves the user when setting up the machine. 
Prevent customer complaints in thread production with the MMVision control system, which recognizes barcodes and images. More information about this control system and the features of Ventura MC 200 can be found in our video.

Barcode and images
Furthermore, MMVision can be used for barcode and image recognition within a product. While ASIR recognizes either barcodes or images, MMVision allows for both to be included within a product and for the barcode to be printed on the signature both transversely and longitudinally to the direction of travel. The system automatically detects this position and works with it. This is particularly beneficial when manufacturing products with signature parts, partly with and without barcodes. The system automatically detects whether a loaded signature contains a barcode or not. The mode does not have to be set manually, MMVision recognizes either barcode or image comparison depending on the content and processes this information accordingly. 

The machine is programmed during stitching of the first book block and no further reference runs are required. If there is not enough differentiation in content of the individual signatures, it is possible to adjust the individual image comparison zones on the MMVision touchscreen. Especially for multilingual short runs, where the content is partially identical, it is highly beneficial if the image comparison zones can be selected in such a way to rule out any errors. If a sequence error occurs during production, the live transmission allows the image comparison zones to highlight the area that differs from the programmed reference area, allowing the operator to react. 

The camera-based system enables the images of the last production runs to be stored for a specific period of time, which allows subsequent problem analysis. If required by a customer, it is also possible to integrate MMVision into MMRemote maintenance. Therefore, if a barcode cannot be read during production, Muller Martini Support can remotely access production images to perform remote analysis and assist with a solution. 

For the benefit of your customers
Thanks to MMVision, the Ventura MC 200 now also has a digital feature, enabling also VDP (Variable Data Printing) products to be made. The new function allows barcode-controlled stapling and differentiation between book blocks of the same format and different composition, i.e. different numbers of signatures within the book block. The information contained in the barcode specifies the composition of each book block, providing the machine with information as to when the thread needs to be cut with the active thread divider. Production is controlled via barcode to save any manual intervention.
With the Ventura MC 200, MMVision not only offers production and quality assurance, but also, in conjunction with the VDP function, interesting possibilities for advancing into the field of digital processing with a conventional thread sewing machine.

MMVision is the optimal basis for reliable and even more flexible thread sewing production on the Muller Martini Ventura MC 200 – for your benefit, but above all for the benefit of your customers.

Alexander Kraitsch
Product Manager at Muller Martini Book Technology GmbH
18.06.2019 Alexander Kraitsch Produkt Manager/Marketing