Connex LineControl PRO
The Best Integrated Production Control Solution

LineControl PRO is mainly used in connection with SigmaLine. LineControl PRO is an intelligent workflow controller that connects the wide variety of production processes related to digital printing. For example, LineControl PRO can control the entire production process in the SigmaLine, from PDF handling, to digital page assembly, the integration and management of the digital printing press, to the management of print finishing. LineControl PRO can also be integrated in a higher-level MIS/MES.
Thanks to the modular design of our systems, LineControl PRO can easily be expanded. It can also, for example, prepare production data for variable data printing or support variable folding schemes for the Presto II Digital with DynaCut.

The most highly integrated Production control system on the market

LineControl PRO is an Industry 4.0 solution at its finest. Using a digital job sheet, LineControl PRO controls the digital page assembly process, order handling on the printing press and automated pre-adjustment of the SigmaLine. Each signature is monitored in the system during production. If a product is ejected, LineControl PRO automatically adjusts the order quantity on the printing press in accordance with the new situation. Completely automatically, with no need for the operator to intervene.

Mass Customizing Made Easy

In addition to producing orders of nearly any run size, LineControl PRO also supports the production of variable data. A print run of one is no longer a problem with this system. Using a run list and corresponding PDF files, LineControl PRO can also ensure the preparation, page assembly and production of short and ultra-short runs. And it can do so without the need for the operator requiring any special prior knowledge.

Digital Page Assembly, Job Preparation, Machine Control and Production Monitoring with a Unique Surface

Software that offers the range of functionalities like LineControl PRO usually requires highly paid specialists to operate the system. Not LineControl PRO. Integrated in the machine control interface, it carries out impositioning, queue handling, automatic size changeovers, etc. entirely automatically with no need for manual interventions on the part of the operator. This is Industry 4.0.

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