Connex ImpoWhiz - Print-ready PDFs thanks to seamlessly integrated prepress

With Connex ImpoWhiz, the entire prepress stage is seamlessly integrated into the production process. The prepress application reliably handles the swift, automated imposition of PDF files – and it’s also extremely user-friendly. The software prepares the data for printing, arranges jobs on the sheets or rolls to be processed, and automatically inserts registration marks, perfectly aligned with the individual workflow. Connex ImpoWhiz can also be employed for variable data printing, as it can seamlessly impose different PDFs.
Advantages of Connex ImpoWhiz:

  • Optimised for digital production
  • Tailored to individual customer workflows
  • Highly automated and modularly expandable
  • Swift data processing
  • No manual interventions
  • Enhanced resource efficiency
  • Supports VDP production

Automatic insertion of marks and codes

Connex ImpoWhiz automatically and dynamically inserts all necessary register and print marks. Included are 1D and 2D codes for subsequent
machinery, as well as cut marks, fold marks, colour marks, or simple text and annotations to assist staff.

Optimal quality

Proven features of traditional prepress are transported into the digital age thanks to Connex ImpoWhiz: Adjustments such as creeping and shingling are executed automatically based on the electronic job ticket.

Versatile application

The module spans from classic finishing to specialised applications, such as dynamic signature composition for digital roll processing, encompassing all use cases. Two or more jobs can be placed side by side on a roll to optimize resource utilisation.

We offer Connex ImpoWhiz in the following versions:

  Standard* Premium* Enterprise*
PDF imposition locally

Imposition for all MM machines

Partner schemes  

Batch production

JDF/JMF / hotfolder

Full VDP functionality


Variable barcodes and contents  

Configurable collection strategies  

Job merging


Multi-up N-up    

Imposing covers    

*As each configuration involves custom applications for clients, detailed project clarifications are necessary.

General Terms and Conditions of Licensing and Use of Software