Antaro Digital Perfect Binder
Unique Output for Digital Products

The Antaro Digital perfect binder from Müller Martini is not only very compact in design, but also extremely flexible in use. In the OnDemand sector, it achieves an output of 2,000 cycles per hour - a figure unmatched by any other machine on the market today. And all with the lowest possible staffing levels. Incidentally, the Antaro Digital has the ideal partner for fully variable Smart Factory production in the InfiniTrim trimming robot.


Highly automated - to the individual book

The Antaro Digital produces with a continuously running swivel clamp system. The book blocks are transported in horizontally, standing on their spines and are reliably retained by the six clamps, which are always fully open. Furthermore, the large clamp pitch of 610 mm ensures the continuous production of brochures with a block thickness variance of up to 20 mm. The thicknesses are always changed over fully automatically.

Process-reliable production

In the digital version, the newly designed drum cover feeder combined with a downstream storage wheel guarantees that covers are separated reliably. A barcode reader ensures that the book block and cover fit together securely. Used in combination with the standard cover ejection positioned before the scoring device, the Antaro Digital effectively reduces waste and in doing so achieves a whole new level of productivity.

Minimal space and personnel requirements

The newly developed Antaro Digital can be used as a nearline or inline system, thereby covering a broad range of customer requirements. Thanks to its compact design, it realises a unique output rate over a comparatively small area. In addition, compared to current single-book production solutions, the Antaro Digital achieves the same output with fewer than half the operators.