Diamant MC Digital “Photobook” Bookline


The Diamant MC Digital “Photobook” bookline provides perfectly bound photo books, with each book block reliably placed in the correct book case, despite the high production speed. It ensures the efficient production of digitally printed photo books or genuine photo books with layflat binding.

Barcode-Controlled Size Changeovers

Barcodes printed on the products trigger size changeovers that the machine then carries out automatically and independently. For example, new production orders are integrated in existing customer systems using templates.

Dynamic size changeovers

Motion Control Technology enables segmented size changeovers of the equipment. So the Diamant MC offers short processing times with variable-size production.

Maximum Flexibility

Among other features, the book block thickness variance of +/- 2.5 mm ensures efficient production. This means that no adjustments are necessary between book blocks that have a thickness in this range and the same spine width. Intelligent production!