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My Job is Extremely Varied – no Two Days are the Same

The 22-year-old trained polymechanic Keven Sarigöl has been working as an international systems technician at Muller Martini since last June. On his very first day, he traveled to Italy to visit a customer and a few weeks later flew to the USA for the first time in his life. In this blog, Keven Sarigöl explains why he particularly enjoys working abroad.
I already had a flair for craftsmanship in my youth. For example, I always repaired my bike myself. Because I like to play games with my colleagues (which is my biggest hobby apart from fitness), I made one or two tools for my console myself. I've always been fascinated by the combination of mechanics, electronics and computers.
That's why it was clear to me that I wanted to do an apprenticeship in this field after leaving district school. I also evaluated computer scientist, automation technician and businessman as alternatives. However, because I don't like sitting at a computer all day, a commercial apprenticeship was out of the question. Automation technician was my second choice, but luckily I found an apprenticeship as a polymechanic near my home in 2017 – that was right at the top of my list of priorities.
From polymechanic to international systems technician
After successfully completing my four-year apprenticeship, in which I focused on CNC milling and turning, I worked temporarily – including nine months as an automation technician. Because good professionals are in demand at a time when there is a shortage of skilled workers, it was no problem to find temporary positions. I liked that and was able to broaden my professional horizons.
In 2023, I discovered a position as an international systems technician on the Muller Martini job portal. "That sounds interesting," I thought and applied. I introduced myself and was able to spend a day with Urs Egger, who had recently retired. I really liked it and was invited to a second interview. A month later, I signed the employment contract and have been working as an international systems technician in the customer service department since last June.
Trip to Italy on my very first day
I will never forget the start of my new job, because I was immediately thrown in at the deep end. On my very first day at work, I was sent to a customer in Italy, where I installed a Prinova Digital saddle stitcher with Urs Egger and two service technicians from Muller Martini Italy.
I remember the on-boarding process at Muller Martini during my first few weeks as extremely professional and pleasant. During a tour of the plant in Zofingen, I was given an ideal overview of the various departments and the extensive range of machines. In the first few months, I mainly worked with feeders, but since the beginning of this year I have also been responsible for commissioning entire saddle stitching lines, including three-knife trimmers.
Familiar corporate culture
I was immediately accepted as a colleague and a professional. Of course, there were a few technical challenges in the early days, but I overcame them all. I find the corporate culture at Muller Martini extremely pleasant – even familiar. The bosses and colleagues are very helpful and I learned a lot in the first few months. Not a single day goes by without me discovering something new.
In my saddle stitching team, we are four system technicians international. Teamwork is very important. From planning to implementation, we regularly exchange ideas. It's not unusual for something unforeseen to happen, so it's particularly important to be able to look at things together.
Wide range of tasks
What I particularly like about my job is the variety. No two days are the same. The area of responsibility of an international systems technician is very broad – he
  • organizes customer installations on site and coordinates them with the customer,
  • installs production lines including data and process management systems and commissions them,
  • instructs and trains operating personnel and provides production support,
  • rectifies faults and carries out inspections and overhauls (mechanical, electrical, network-related),
  • carries out service, inspection and maintenance work,
  • prepares spare part suggestions for repairs.
First time in the USA
As an international systems technician, I have a lot to do with our customers. I particularly like this aspect because I am an open-minded person and speak English, Turkish and some French as well as German. As I enjoy traveling, assignments abroad are one of the most interesting aspects of my job. It's cool to get to know other countries and people.
After my first assignment in Italy, I've also been to Germany and the USA. In Germany, we dismantled a Prinova saddle stitcher. Near Seattle in the US state of Washington, we spent three weeks installing a Prinova Digital saddle stitcher. At the weekends I had time to see the area. I particularly enjoyed this because I had never been to the USA before.
Assignment at drupa 2024
On-call duties are also part of the job of an international systems technician. So you always have to be prepared to be called out for an assignment abroad at short notice. For me, however, that will come later. At the moment, my assignments abroad have a certain lead time so that I can plan them. For example, I will be in Düsseldorf for five weeks in March to set up Primera PRO saddle stitchers at the Muller Martini drupa stand. I'll also be working at the trade fair from May 28 to June 7.
Of course, working abroad also has certain downsides in terms of leisure activities, family and colleagues. But I don't take a pragmatic view: if I'm not there, I'm not there. For me, the positive aspects clearly outweigh the negative. Firstly, I'm not constantly on the road. Secondly, I save some money during my assignments abroad because the company pays for my meals. And thirdly, I have a lot to tell my family when I get back. My parents were visibly impressed when I told them about my experiences in the USA.
Setting my sights on further training
Because I think it's important to keep on learning and I want to delve even deeper into the subject, I would like to do the three-year, part-time training course to become a systems technician this year. I already have a broad mechanical and electrical knowledge. But I would like to learn more about network technology – for example, about the remote connection of our machines for remote maintenance between the plant and the customer and about connecting the systems to our Connex workflow system.
I don't have a clear career plan, but I would still like to be working at Muller Martini in ten years' time because I like this job so much.
Would you also like to become an international systems technician? Then take a look at the Muller Martini job portal – we can always use new colleagues!
Keven Sarigöl
Systems Technician International Muller Martini
09.04.2024 Keven Sarigöl Systems Technician International Muller Martini