The Alegro Perfect Binder Line Opens New Opportunities for Alföldi Nyomda

The Hungarian printing house Alföldi Nyomda is repositioning itself in the adhesive binding sector with an Alegro from Müller Martini, achieving significant gains in efficiency and quality.
Located in Debrecen, this fully integrated printing house employs 370 people. Its primary focus lies on book production, which currently accounts for 70% of its total sales. The remaining 30% comprises traditional commercial printed materials such as brochures and magazines. Apart from the domestic market, Alföldi Nyomda is also active in exports, currently accounting for around 20%.

With the Alegro Perfect Binder Line from Müller Martini, Alföldi Nyomda significantly expands its capabilities in bookbinding.
In order to maintain competitiveness in the fiercely contested printing market, the company has invested in innovative technology across all areas in recent years. This year, the decision was made to modernise the adhesive binding sector. The goal is to make the entire production process more efficient and, as a result, more economical, while simultaneously improving quality. At Alföldi Nyomda, perfect bindung is the predominant method in bookbinding.
As part of their investment decision, they chose the Alegro Perfect Binder in combination with a ZTM 3694 collating machine, including a flap folding device from Müller Martini. Thanks to the highly automated nature of the entire system, set-up times are significantly reduced, considerably enhancing competitiveness in both the local and international markets. Thanks to its modular design, Alföldi Nyomda can flexibly respond to current and future market demands. Particular emphasis is on the integration of the flap folding station, which allows the company to efficiently cater to the trend of inserted flaps. Additionally, a fully automatic palletizer greatly reduces the need for manual labour. The system will be operational at the Debrecen location at the beginning of 2024.

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