Africa’s First Vareo


Formset-ABC Printers in Cape Town (South Africa) is the first graphic arts company in Africa to invest in a Muller Martini Vareo perfect binder, enabling it to enter a new market segment – digital book production.

Although Formset-ABC Printer is already active in digital printing, it chiefly produces large-size posters. The 60-year-old company with a long tradition, which employs some 1,000 people, is now planning to enter digital inkjet book production. “We’re chiefly planning to produce books for schools and universities, as well as user manuals and coffee table books, in runs of between 1 and 1,000 copies,” says Managing Director Mike Wiese.

From left: Omar Razzak, Mike Wiese (both from Formset-ABC), Wayne Stevens (from Thunderbolt Solutions) and Jules Dietz (from Muller Martini) in front of the Vareo.

Formset-ABC Printers will commission a Vareo perfect binder in May for that purpose. Director Omar Razzak explains that there were two key reasons for the choice of a Muller Martini solution that also enables PUR production. “First, I’m impressed by the innovative unit-drive technology at each clamp and the fast changeover times of the Vareo. Second, we’ve had positive experiences with two Acoro perfect binders (an A5 and an A7), a Diamant bookline, two Ventura 200 thread sewing machines and Muller Martini solutions for saddle stitching. The investment in the Vareo is therefore a natural continuation of our long-standing partnership with Muller Martini.”