Oberndorfer Druckerei – Producing at Even Greater Speed


Two years after investing in a Corona C15 perfect binder, the Oberndorfer Druckerei printing plant near Salzburg (Austria) will now also be able to produce at even greater speed in the saddle stitching and inserting segments thanks to its investment in two high-performance Muller Martini systems, which can be used both inline and offline.

“Competition in the printing industry is fierce,” says Joachim Kühn, who as Managing Director of Circle Printers Central Europe is in charge of Oberndorfer Druckerei and J. Fink Druck in the southern German town of Ostfildern. “However, there are still some market segments that are growing, such as inserts and certain catalog segments.” That is where the web printing plant, which specializes in the production of catalogs, magazines, leaflets and advertising materials in the medium to long run segment, comes into its own. It focuses on attractive jobs with added value. “Added values enables our customers to make their products more eye-catching, while also increasing our value creation,” explains Joachim Kühn.

The Tempo 220 saddle stitcher and the Integro inserting machine will be an ideal inline/offline combination at the Oberndorfer Druckerei printing plant.

Working with more complex products also places higher demands on print finishing, which is why the Oberndorfer Druckerei will commission a high-performance Tempo 220 system with an Integro inserting machine to replace two older Muller Martini 300 saddle stitchers next February/March. The highly extensive combined system – a Tempo 220 with six flat pile feeders (including stream feeders), a folder feeder (including stream feeders), a merchandise tipper, two NewsGrip transfers, an Integro with four insert feeders, together with labeling equipment, a Robusto compensating stacker, an automatic top-sheet printer, cross strapping equipment, a bundle packer, shrink tunnel and palletizing equipment – has two major production advantages. If inserting is not required, the Integro can be “skipped” thanks to the NewsGrip transfers, allowing the Integro to be used in stand-alone operation to process other products.

Like the Corona C15 in the perfect binding segment, the Tempo 220 system will give the Oberndorfer Druckerei, which prints 66,000 metric tons of paper a year using four web printing presses, a flexible inline and offline option to meet its saddle stitching segment needs. The new production line, which is one of a kind in the form described, will allow the printing plant to use a common conveyor, film wrapping and palletizing line with or without insert products.