Italy’s First Vareo is Purchased by Mediagraf


Next month Mediagraf in Padua will become the first graphic arts company in Italy to commission a Vareo perfect binder.

Mediagraf, which chiefly produces books in the offset and digital printing segments, has used a Muller Martini Amigo for perfect binding until now. To improve productivity and the quality of its digitally printed products in particular, it will replace the Amigo in July with the new three-clamp Vareo, the first perfect binder of its kind in Italy. Mediagraf is also investing in a new cooling tower, while an existing Muller Martini Esprit will be used for three-knife trimming.

The investment in the Vareo, which is designed for digital and offset printing, was clinched by the new technology – the perfect binder is the first to have all three clamps equipped with their own servo motor and driven individually. The asynchronous motions of the Vareo mean that every processing step takes place exactly when necessary to achieve the best possible quality of the end product, for example optimal overtravel speeds or longer cover nipping times, while the overall performance remains just as high.

The purchase of the Vareo reinforces Mediagraf’s long-standing partnership with Muller Martini – an Optima saddle stitcher, an Avanti log stacker, a Newsveyor and a FlexiRoll buffer system are also used at the plant in Padua.

The Mediagraf team in front of the Vareo perfect binder at Muller Martini’s drupa booth. Third from the left: Fabio Casale (Sales Manager at Muller Martini Italy).