17.10.2023 / Roland Gautschi

Order Spare Parts Smart

The heart of our spare parts logistics is the eShop. Thanks to its digitized and highly automated processes, you receive your parts not only quickly, but also reliably and as ordered. The eShop is integrated into the MPOWER customer platform and thus a central element of our Smart Services.
With Smart Services we offer our customers an even faster, even better and more proactive service. Think of intelligent inspections, convenient remote service calls or the simple analysis of production data via Connex Info Cloud. Today I would like to introduce you to how smart our spare parts logistics also works. The linchpin for intelligent processes is also the digitization of processes in the spare parts service. This makes it possible to make information visible, create documentation, recognize order histories, and generate and evaluate data.
Comprehensive analyses
In our eShop, we use intelligent technologies and processes to procure and deliver spare parts even better and faster. We use advanced data analytics techniques to monitor and manage spare parts inventory. By analyzing historical data, sales forecasts, and other relevant information, we can predict spare parts demand. In this way, we optimize inventory for you and avoid bottlenecks or overstocks.
Central customer portal
Are you wondering how you can use our eShop at all? At Muller Martini, the eShop is part of the cloud-based customer platform MPOWER. With just one login, you have access there to many service functions and 24/365 service support. Around the clock, you can also use the eShop to check prices and availability of spare and wear parts, request quotes, place orders and track delivery status at the touch of a button.
Intelligent search
If you want to order a part, then our intelligent search saves you a lot of time and nerves. In the search mask you can enter the part number, but also keywords to search for. Many parts, especially those that rotate frequently, are stored with a photo or digital rendering. My tip: Rotate the part virtually by 360° - this way you will quickly find out whether you are ordering the right part.
In the case of certain parts, you are immediately shown that you must, for example, also order a certain accessory for its smooth use. If a spare part has been discontinued, you will directly receive a reference to a successor part that you can obtain from us. You need to know: Every year, hundreds of new findings are incorporated into the further development of our spare parts, so that customers automatically benefit from a longer service life, improved processes or better quality.
Automated ordering process
Our ordering procedure in the eShop is automated so that you receive your parts quickly and easily - and that errors are avoided. For example, you can build a watch list in which the parts you need again and again are already stored and can be easily selected. Or you can import an Excel list with up to 200 lines, the contents of which are then shown directly as an order.
Once you have selected parts, you will immediately see their availability, as well as the price calculation. If a part is not in stock, we will tell you the waiting time. Then, before you press the button to send the order, you can choose the delivery method and specify whether you want a complete or partial delivery.
Why the original?
At this point, I would like to briefly introduce another important topic that comes up again and again in connection with spare parts: The question of whether you actually have to order original parts. Let me explain why I definitely recommend this to you. With the Muller Martini original, you benefit from the quality, accuracy of fit and long service life, and therefore high availability of your system in the future. In addition, by using original parts, you maintain your warranty and guarantee claims. The investment in the original is therefore definitely worthwhile.
Everything automated
But back to the smart eShop! After selecting your parts, if you then press the button and confirm the orders, an order is automatically generated and you receive the corresponding notification. This feature has been especially helpful in recent months when we've all been dealing with supply shortages. We were always able to keep you up to date on delivery delays and updated delivery dates.
Your order is then automatically sent to our 3200 m2 warehouse at the main location in Zofingen (Switzerland), where an excerpt list of all ordered parts is generated directly. There 100'000 parts are waiting to make their way to you. If you order before 17:00 CET, your package will leave the warehouse even on the same day.
Order tracking in real time
In the eShop, we then offer you real-time tracking of your orders via Track&Trace. You will be notified with an automatic e-mail when the delivery has been dispatched with us and subsequently know exactly where your order is at the moment. This makes it very clear when the part will arrive at your location and you can, for example, already plan when you want to start the repair.
Customer feedback
There is certainly still a lot we can do better in the eShop. Our Smart Services are constantly evolving - also thanks to your input. Therefore: If you have any wishes or comments about our services, we offer you the opportunity to send us feedback both in MPOWER and in the eShop. This is the only way we can continuously improve our services.
And if you don't have access to our eShop yet, why don't you sign up directly.

Best regards
Roland Gautschi
Spare Parts Service Center Manager
Muller Martini Zofingen
17.10.2023 Roland Gautschi Manager of Muller Martini's Spare Parts Service Center