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11.10.2022 / Reto Hofer

24/7 Support – Proven Muller Martini Reliability Around the Clock

I regularly – and recently increasingly – hear the following sentence from our customers: "High availability is our top priority today! "The fact that machines and systems produce reliably seems to be even more important for companies than quality or production costs at the moment. This is understandable, given the short delivery times that end customers now expect.
At Muller Martini, we support customers with a RemoteLine Plus contract with reliable 24/7 support that ensures the high availability of their systems. Our technicians and specialists are then available around the clock, even outside our opening hours, to quickly and reliably solve any machine downtimes or operating problems that arise. The proven service will become even smarter with the new eCall button, which is available to these customers (in Germany) or will soon be available (other European market organizations) via the MPOWER service platform. Another tip: You can find detailed information about the new functions of our MPOWER service customer platform in this blog about Smart Services.
Fast and targeted support
But back to 24/7 support: If you need service support, you no longer have to reach for the phone, but can conveniently and efficiently activate eCall directly on your tablet, cell phone, or PC at the touch of a button. With a simple click of the mouse, the service order is started and our service specialists take care of the technical problem immediately. Because all Muller Martini companies work with the same, highly integrated processes and the latest technical infrastructure, the data is available to everyone in a transparent, standardized and comparable manner. With the information automatically recorded via MPOWER or supplemented by you, our service technicians are quickly up to date. They know on which machine support is needed and possibly already what the problem is. This means that they can react very quickly and in a targeted manner!
Search for concrete solutions
Depending on the affected machine and the individual case, it is our declared goal to provide you with efficient and timely support. Most of the time, the focus is on telephone support. Together with the customer, our technician finds out, for example, that a sensor on the system is contaminated and therefore triggers an error message. The instructions for cleaning can be passed on by telephone and the customer is then able to continue production. If the case cannot be solved immediately, at least an attempt will be made to find an interim solution so that you can continue production and keep downtime to a minimum. Such a solution could be as follows: During the phone call, it becomes clear that a defective part needs to be replaced. In order for the customer to be able to restart the machine, he removes a control element from another machine that is not currently needed under telephone guidance. This allows him to complete his urgent order and bridge the time until the spare part arrives.
90 percent success rate
If the call comes in during the night or at the weekend, you will immediately reach one of the three to four colleagues on duty in Zofingen (CH), Ostfildern (D) or Rahden (D). They draw on extensive know-how for our service-active machines and achieve a success rate of over 90 percent. It's not easy when I'm woken up at night to find an agitated customer on the other end of the line describing his problem. The main thing is to stay calm and work professionally. And be very flexible in order to find a satisfactory solution. By the way, the current status of the service call can be viewed transparently and up to date at any time in the MPOWER portal.
Quickly ready for use
If it becomes clear during the telephone conversation that you need a new spare or wear part, this will be delivered as quickly as possible by express – provided it is in stock (with 65,000 parts in stock and a delivery rate of 90 percent, the probability is very high). If everything goes smoothly, your technicians can repair the machine the very next day, start it up again and continue production. Here, too, we always aim to have the plant up and running again as quickly as possible. Those who shy away from the express delivery costs must realize that an hour of production downtime can quickly cost hundreds, sometimes even thousands of francs. In relation to this, the additional transport costs are therefore of little consequence.
And if no satisfactory solution can be found by phone or remotely, an on-site visit by one of our 230 local service technicians can be prepared and carried out very quickly and efficiently. The colleague who arrives is already informed about the case thanks to consistent data and, in the best case, has the opportunity to install the spare part already organized by the customer in advance.
Why not try out our services for yourself? We are convinced that you will find the right products for your needs in our broad portfolio. We will be happy to convince you of the many advantages that our support offers. You can find more information on our website. Or simply contact your Muller Martini representative!
Your Reto Hofer,
Head of Service Muller Martini AG
11.10.2022 Reto Hofer Program Manager Global Services