13.06.2023 / Fabian Becker

Reduce Manual Intervention with Connex

The digital production of print products is linked closely to a touchless workflow. Muller Martini is – as the recent Hunkeler Innovationdays in Lucerne impressively demonstrated – a pioneer in digital transformation in the graphic arts industry, not least thanks to its Connex workflow system.
"A future without 'Connextivity' is unthinkable. Without a touchless workflow solution, the business model for a smart factory doesn't work – the machines have to be able to communicate with each other!"  Trond Erik Isaksen, founder of Livonia Print in the Latvian capital Riga, said this in a guest blog in February 2020. His company is specialized in book production and uses more than 20 Muller Martini systems.
Trond Erik Isaksen's double-meaning pun "Connextivity" – a combination of our data and process management system "Connex" and "connectivity" – hit the nail on the head. Thanks to the modular and user-friendly Connex modules, you can reduce manual intervention, eliminate sources of error, and get the most out of your production – right through to a completely automated workflow from prepress to manufacturing of the end-product.
Almost three months ago, we released this blog. Here we talked about the new Connex Info Cloud - which is integrated in the Muller Martini customer portal MPOWER – and how you can use it to analyze your production in a targeted manner, identify optimization potential for your production and increase your planning reliability. Let me introduce you to all the Connex modules today.
Connex LineControl...
...is an intelligent Job ticket management tool.
...provides flexible data integration to various ERP systems.
...integrates modules for optimizing the job sequence, prepress and slip sheet creation
...automatically passes on production data to the production systems for printing and finishing.
Connex LineControl supports you:
  • During job data preparation including feasibility check.
  • During job sequence optimization according to specified criteria.
  • For automated and seamless impositioning for digital printing presses.
  • When sending production data to the centrally controlled finishing equipment.
  • In production feedback to Connex Info Cloud (see below).
Connex LineControl offers you the following benefits:
  • Automated, production-relevant data transmission.
  • Easy adjustment(s) of job data with the integrated job editor.
  • Savings in time and resources thanks to job sequence optimization.
  • Minimize errors through centralized data management.
Connex ImpoWhiz...
...is a fully automated prepress solution.
...performs corrections and page composition.
…offers N-up and does the cover impositioning
Connex ImpoWhiz supports you:
  • In preparing print-ready PDF for digital applications.
  • In page composition including variable content (VDP).
  • In corrections such as bottling and shingling.
  • When inserting barcodes and marks.
  • To optimize the use of resources – thanks to N-up.
  • When impositioning the covers.
Connex ImpoWhiz offers you the following benefits:
  • It is highly automated.
  • It is modular and adaptable.
  • It is optimized for digital manufacturing.
  • It is fast.
  • It imposes content and covers.
Connex Info Cloud...
...is a cloud-based data analysis tool.
...is modular and customizable.
...has production under control anytime, anywhere.
Connex Info Cloud supports you:
  • In the search for optimization potential.
  • In data collection and evaluation.
  • In the prevention of errors.
  • In improving your planning.
Connex Info Cloud offers you the following benefits:
  • All data is available online.
  • You have access to your data (production/machines) from anywhere – whether on a PC, tablet, or cell phone.
  • Provides you with regular updates.
  • Is modular – you only pay what you need.
  • Increases productivity through optimization.
  • Increases planning reliability thanks to error detection.
Are you already registered on our MPOWER customer portal? Take a look here or contact me for questions – I'll be happy to support you!
Fabian Becker,
Product Manager Connex, Muller Martini