05.07.2022 / Editorial Staff

We Move the Graphic Arts Industry...

...and not only with our innovative system solutions in postpress! But also with our blog articles, which our readers obviously appreciate very much. A look at the click counter reveals that, in addition to technical topics on new machine developments, market topics are particularly popular. 

The blog about the paper market is particularly eye-catching and has already been read almost 1000 times in a very short time. We are very pleased about this and it shows us that we have our finger on the pulse with our topics for you – our readers. Not so long ago, no one could have imagined that an everyday product like paper would become a scarce raw material. And the tense situation does not seem to be calming down yet. Uncertainty about delivery times and delivery reliability is still high, as our customers also report. In order to identify possible supply bottlenecks at an early stage, they are working closely with suppliers or increasing their storage capacities. 

In addition, paper prices continue to rise. This is also confirmed by Jürgen Winkler, Production Manager of our customer Onlineprinters in an interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk (in German): "Prices are exploding. If I now look at the last six to nine months, the prices of our main paper types have risen by up to 80 percent. But the price of paper at this point also includes energy cost surcharges for diesel, gas and electricity. "

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you up to date. And, of course, present you with many other topics relating to the graphic arts market. However, this will only happen after our summer break, which we start today. We say goodbye for five weeks and wish you a sunny time as well. 

See you soon,
Your blog editors
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05.07.2022 Editorial Staff Editorial Staff