02.07.2019 / Martin Baltisberger

Taster day for pupils at Muller Martini

Which profession would I like to learn? A crucial question! As one of the largest training companies in the region of Zofingen/Switzerland, Muller Martini invites schoolchildren looking for a suitable apprenticeship to its vocational information day every year. 

At this year's event in June, we were able to welcome some 200 pupils and parents at our head office in Zofingen, who came to find out more about the apprenticeships at Muller Martini. There was a lot happening at the different training stations between 10 am and 3 pm. Pupils and parents found out in detail about the how the apprenticeships work and what is included, and had the opportunity to ask specific questions about what is learned. 

Pupils asked what exactly, for example, an automation technician would do in his later career and what the different years of the apprenticeship focus on. Many questions also arose about the required educational background or the difference between the job of an automation technician and an automation fitter, which are both apprenticeships we offer. In order to give the pupils a better idea of the technical professions, we came up with something special. The pupils had the opportunity to produce an electronic cube with self-soldered light emitting diodes from a laser-marked sheet metal part in several steps. A task that was very well received and gave them some insight into future tasks. 

At Muller Martini, we attach great importance to sound and high-quality training. The vocational information day is therefore an ideal occasion to present ourselves as a training company and to create enthusiasm among young people about doing an apprenticeship with us. The chance to obtain information about nine different training occupations at Muller Martini was highly appreciated. One mother mentioned that it had enabled her son to get an excellent overview of various possible professions – an offer that was generally lacking in the region.
We also provided information about the possibility of a two-day trial apprenticeship, which provides pupils with an even more detailed insight into the requirements, tasks and activities of the respective profession.

The demonstration of the Primera MC saddle stitcher at the Print Finishing Center, Muller Martini's training center, was particularly popular among visitors. The technical refinements and production speed of the machine impressed students and parents alike. This is sure to motivate one or the other pupil to become involved in the development or construction of such a machine in the not too distant future. 
We're certainly looking forward to receiving applications for trial apprenticeships or the next training start!

Apprenticeships at Muller Martini in Zofingen 
  • Automation technician (Swiss federal certificate of competence)
  • Automation fitter (Swiss federal certificate of competence)
  • Electronics technician (Swiss federal certificate of competence)
  • Specialist carer (Swiss federal certificate of competence) (childcare) 
  • Computer scientist (Swiss federal certificate of competence)
  • Commercial clerk (Swiss federal certificate of competence)
  • Design engineer (Swiss federal certificate of competence)
  • Logistics specialist (Swiss federal certificate of competence)
  • Multi-skilled mechanic (Swiss federal certificate of competence) (assembly technology)
For further information, please see www.mullermartini.com/ausbildung

Martin Baltisberger, Head of Vocational Training
Müller Martini AG