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20.09.2022 / Philipp Bär

I Have Always Liked the Innovative Thinking at Muller Martini

I was very much looking forward to my return to Muller Martini. Everyone here has a very collegial and familiar way of dealing with each other, which I already noticed positively during my first four years of apprenticeship as an automation technician. 

Today I work in Zofingen as an electrical designer for our saddle stitchers and thread sewing machines. I am responsible for all the electrical hardware for the various machines and also look after the hardware of the Connex workflow system. When you come back to the "old" employer, you can of course get started very quickly and work productively. I already knew the internal processes and most of the contact persons and was able to start immediately with the new job. I think it's cool that I'm also given the responsibility I need for my work. I experienced this very differently at my previous employer. Now I can contribute my ideas and make a difference. 

A great team
I have always liked the innovative thinking at Muller Martini. The highly automated machines with their very complex process sequences are continuously being developed and adapted to the needs of customers and the market. Added to this is the demand for increasing networking and digitalization. The demanding work challenges me and it's great to be part of this team and improve or develop the machines together.  

Since I had worked in the area of softcover machines during my apprenticeship, which I completed in 2018, I first had to familiarize myself with saddle stitching technology in my new job. A co-worker trained me in detail in the Götti model - that's what we call in Switzerland the mentor who is assigned to you when you start your job. In addition to the machine technology, I also got to know the necessary SAP applications, for example. After an official handover protocol - order is a must - I really got going!

Give and take
In my position, I am the lynchpin between the machine designers and the software developers, which is why everything has to work well and smoothly. I can openly consult with my team leader to prioritize work and address upcoming issues. Honest interaction is crucial for me to enjoy coming to work every day. There's a mutual give and take here and so people are also happy to help out where they can.

There are a lot of new projects on my desk right now. We are converting the Lenze motors for the drives in the thread sewing machines to the new generation. In addition, the Acopos servo inverters that control all the motors for axis adjustment are also being converted. For me, this means drawing new schematics, selecting hardware components, testing and correcting them. This further development will then be used in all new machines. An exciting thing.

Oh yes, I'm also doing further professional training at the moment. I am currently training to become a certified technician HF in information technology (specializing in systems technology) at the Swiss Technical College Teko in Olten (Switzerland). Although I had already started this school before joining Muller Martini, the company is supporting me with a flexible workload and a financial contribution. In return, I "have" to commit myself for two years - although this is not a must for me. 

Flexible working hours
How do I manage all this - a new job and then another three years of school? Clearly, the very good cooperation in the team and with my team leader helps me. And you can't forget the flexible working hours with a flexitime workload. I start here very early in the morning and can leave as early as 3 p.m. if necessary. This leaves me with some free time to spend on my motorcycle, in addition to a full workday and school. Perfect for switching off!

Perhaps you have read it out of my words: I feel very comfortable at Muller Martini and enjoy being part of this great team that I work with. I have already spoken to my boss about the possibility of working as a software developer after my training, which focuses on programming. So the next career step is already being considered - but this time I'm staying true to Muller Martini.

Best regards,
Philipp Bär, Electrical Designer Muller Martini AG

PS: Can you also imagine working at Muller Martini? On our Shape the Future career portal (https://future.mullermartini.com/berufsbildung-schweiz/), you'll find all the information you need - and maybe even the job that's right for you.
20.09.2022 Philipp Bär Electrical Designer Muller Martini AG
20.09.2022 Philipp Bär Electrical Designer Muller Martini AG