3692 Gathering Machine
Ideal, Secure, and Reliable for Small to Medium Print Runs


Time-saving changeovers, the ability to reach optimal performance levels and uninterrupted production are the requirements for ensuring that a large number of jobs can be efficiently completed in each shift. The 3692 gathering machine is designed to meet these requirements. It stands out due to its optimum reliability and the diverse range of products it can process. The control that covers several lines at the same time provides for simple operation.

Easy setup, a wide range of uses and 100% production quality

The 3692 gathering machine can process an extremely wide range of signatures and formats, allowing companies to strengthen their position on the market. Centralized control helps the machine operator to run the fully networked machine. Extensive checks such as the patented book verification system guarantee absolutely perfect books. The 3692 gathering machine’s compact design means it can be loaded from either side.