BLSD Book Stacker
First-Class Product for Gentle Stacking and Buffering of Books with Fully Automated Settings

The BLSD book stacker can be set up flexibly within the in-line system. Depending on the configuration of the equipment, the book stacker can be used as an end stacker or a pass-through stacker.

The BLSD as a pass-through stacker

To ensure continuous production, the BLSD pass-through stacker can be used as a buffer element and turning station in linked systems. If an error occurs, it automatically switches from the pass-through function to the stacking function and places the books in stacks on the delivery belt.

The BLSD book stacker stacks in numerous combinations

Gentle turning

The books can be turned in the BLSD at 90° or 180° angles. The patented system with synchronously rotating
turn-table plates ensures that the books retain their form during turning.