Ribbon inserting machine

The fully automated and user-friendly Ribbon inserting machine inserts ribbons tightly into book blocks. The Ribbon is used as a stand-alone machine or in in-line book production systems between the three-knife trimmer and the bookline.

When connected to the Diamant MC bookline, the size data for new orders is transmitted automatically and manual data entry is no longer necessary. Thanks to the high level of automation, the Ribbon inserting machine has very short setup times. The production speed of the Diamant bookline is slowed down, even with large sizes.

Clear operation

The Ribbon is adjusted during in-line operation using the Diamant bookline’s touch-screen. During stand-alone operation, the operator sets up the Ribbon using the ergonomic, easy-to-operate HMI operating panel.

Third ribbon

In its basic configuration, two ribbons can be added simultaneously. There is an option to add a third ribbon to the book block at the same time.

Heated splitting device

Synthetic ribbons are separated at the preselected length using an optional splitting device. Simultaneously, the ends are heat sealed, creating a protective barrier against fraying.