Ventura MC 200 Thread Sewing Machine – Perfect Thread Sewing with the Highest Production Performance

Bookbinders dream of deep stitched book blocks and each signature correctly positioned – even at maximum production speeds. The Ventura MC 200 thread sewing machine makes this dream come true. Books with spine lengths ranging from 120 to 510 mm can be manufactured in both one-up and multiple-up production runs. Many of the settings are automatic and jobs are easily reproducible. The commander touch-screen provides operators with a practical and quick overview of production data. The two-part sewing saddle, servo-driven positioning of the signature and thread loop formation using blow air are just some of the features that ensure that the Ventura MC 200 produces the highest quality book blocks economically.

Quality Control and VDP-Compatibility with MM Vision

Using image matching or barcode recognition, the optional MM Vision control system checks the folded signature sequence and opening. Thanks to real-time display, dynamic comparison area adjustment and automatic image distortion correction, the MM Vision is completely reliable and does not require any formating settings. Variable data printing (VDP) makes it possible to produce book blocks with different numbers of signatures automatically in one order, with or without lock stitches.

TWE¦ƎN® Provides Added Value in Thread Sewing

With the TWE¦ƎN® option, the Ventura MC 200 thread sewing machine can also sew smaller folded signatures, known as tween signatures, in a book block. Such signatures can vary in terms of both length and width. Thanks to Motion Control Technology, the tween signatures are stitched precisely into the desired position. TWE¦ƎN® processes a wide variety of folded signatures, such as signatures with a double-parallel fold or a gatefold.

Sample Production

Using the manual feed, bookbinders can also produce individual books, such as sample books, with series quality quickly and reliably.

Used around the World

Millions of print products are produced on our Ventura MC 200 every day. The Ventura MC 200 series is a success story and ensures satisfied customers and happy readers around the world.
Worldwide manufactured products on our Ventura MC 200 Book Sewing:


Production of Ultra-Short Runs

Digitally printed books and brochures are also increasing in the area of thread sewing. Therefore, bookbinders need a machine that combines digital printing with the tried and tested art of bookbinding. The Ventura MC Digital is the ideal solution. Find out more