Connex Mailroom
Seamless Production in the Mailroom

Connex Mailroom lies at the heart of production in the mailroom. All data is always up to date and available to all relevant work stations in real time. Connex Mailroom converts the distribution data of the newspaper publishing house into production data for the mailroom. The production data in Connex Mailroom is distributed to all the units involved and coordinated throughout the production process.

The production data can be edited at any time, even during production, and can be adjusted to the given technical circumstances or optimized for a production run.

Seamless integration in all common planning systems

Thanks to its comprehensive and open interfaces, Connex Mailroom can be easily and seamlessly integrated into all common planning systems.

Fully automated production control using imported production data

Connex Mailroom takes all of the required information from the production data that is provided and controls the entire connected production chain completely automatically. And it does so with minimal work on the part of employees.

Production Structures Can Be Processed Up to the Last Minute

Connex Mailroom offers comprehensive options for processing the production data that is delivered. For example, filters and macros can be used to optimize or adjust the production data. And if a change needs to be made at the last minute, the operator can do so easily and quickly in the system at any time.

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