Automatic Reporting with No Manual Effort

Connex.Info is the monitoring and reporting tool for the Connex workflow system. Connex.Info collects the production data for the relevant production lines (Muller Martini or third-party units) and uses it to prepare reports that contain a number of key indicators, such as performance, overall equipment efficiency or productivity. The range of key indicators makes the tool useful for shift managers (indicator: top ten reasons for downtime during the last shift), production managers (key indicator: comparison of equipment productivity) and the company’s management team (key indicator: OEE of the connected saddle stitcher over the last month).

Connex.Info reduces the amount of time required to produce informative reports on print finishing to just a few minutes. Problems revealed in the reports can easily be tracked and analyzed thanks to the level of depth presented by Connex.Info.
Connex.Info can provide a technical assessment of recent production batches and much more, making it possible, for example, to automatically produce weekly assessments and send them to recipients via email. This data can then be forwarded via JMF or to an MIS for business analysis purposes (product costing analysis).

Automatic Reporting with No Manual Effort

Connex.Info collects production data completely automatically and calculates all the necessary data “on the fly”. These reports can be created on a rule-based basis using an additional module (e.g. every Friday for the past week) and then provided as a file or via email.

Calculation of KPIs on the Fly

Based on the collected production data, all KPIs are available immediately following the completion of production, enabling a prompt analysis of jobs. This allows for an immediate response to unexpected disruptions.

Available for Muller Martini and Third-Party Equipment

In addition to Muller Martini and Kolbus equipment (depending on the year of manufacture and features), equipment sold by third-party providers can, of course, also be connected to the Connex.Info via corresponding integration kits. It thus offers our customers a total solution for production control.

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