Robusto compensating stacker – highly automated and ideal for delivery by mailing routes

The Robusto compensating stacker is designed for integrated production with medium-sized and large saddle stitching equipment. With speeds of up to 30,000 copies per hour, it produces flawless and fully correctly counted, cross-stacked or layered bundles – in both one-up and two-up production. The compensating stacker is highly automated and is therefore suitable for mailing route delivery. It can also be integrated into fully automated control systems and in-line package printing lines.

Quick and easy to set up

Size and bundle structures can be set up quickly and easily. As an option, the compensating stacker can be fully integrated with the saddle stitcher’s control system using the MMAP interface and can be equipped with Amrys for quick and automatic setup.

Fully correct bundles

The minimum product drop distance from the stacking compartment to the turntable compartment guarantees perfectly aligned and counted bundles that are layered and cross-stacked. The machine is capable of one-up, two-up and three-up processing. Products are then gently ejected with a servo-driven, lowerable pusher.

Stacking by mailing route

Thanks to its short cycle times, the Robusto lends itself to stacking by mailing route, with individually controlled bundle sizes. It has two operating modes. An external camera scans print marks or postal codes, using this information to eject bundles to the left or right based on the mailing route. Or the desired routing can be indicated using a master control system.