FlexiRoll roller system
the ultimate roller system for a flexible workflow

FlexiRoll is a gentle product storage system for print products, which separates the printing and print finishing. Using a FlexiRoll station ensures productive and high-quality newspaper production, since it provides for a high level of automation and a flexible workflow. The system’s mobility and size variability (from A5 inserts to Nordisch newspaper formats) are other aspects that make it an economically attractive solution. In addition, the mobile roller frames and its internal logistics enable it to be used as an integrated solution with partner companies.

Decoupling printing and print finishing

With FlexiRoll, printing and print finishing can be completed separately and produced at the optimized speed for each individual process. The overflow is processed automatically and without the need for any additional staff.

Dynamic Product Feeding

FlexiRoll buffers and stations load all print finishing systems automatically, dynamically and according to the given requirements.

Storage and transport

Products are gently wound up and stored temporarily on roller frames by means of twin-belt technology. Easy and reliable transport of products is ensured both in-house and to external sites using trucks.