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NewsStack compensating stacker with TABA top sheet applicator the dream duo for flawless bundle building

The robust universal compensating stacker NewsStack completes the bundle building process in the high-performance segment for inserting and direct printing production. The compensating stacker boasts a large size range and can process both very thin and extraordinarily thick products at top speeds of up to 100,000 copies per hour. In combination with the TABA top sheet applicator, the completed bundles are given distribution information and secured with cross-straps. Detailed delivery zone information is essential to ensure that each print product is conveyed to the correct ramp and the correct truck and ultimately reaches the right recipient.

Large size range

The reliable NewsStack easily handles any products. For example, 4-sided brochures are stacked as efficiently and quickly as newspaper and product sets up to 30 mm thick.

Optimal bundle quality

NewsStack processes the layers into stable bundles by lifting and pressing. Copy-specific stack quality is achieved by means of the separating paddle principle even at high production speeds. A servo-driven output delivers unstable bundles via a link chain.

High availability

Thanks to their robust design, NewsStack and TABA stand out with a very high level of availability. In addition, bundle building and the top-sheet layout are controlled by the high-level control system. Commercially available direct thermal printers are used to print the top sheets.