ProLiner inserting system 

The linear machine design of the ProLiner inserting system, with its pocket design from the inserting process to bundle building, guarantees a high level of production reliability without losing inserts. Good production overview and accessibility lead to low personnel costs for operating and maintenance staff.

User-friendly application

Simple settings thanks to standard feeder types for all paper products and supplements.
All relevant production data are clearly displayed on the main screen. This ensures
simple and reliable control and monitoring.

Reliable inserting process

Four grippers per pocket open the product securely, fix it and provide stability. Even thin tabloid products can be easily finished and meet the very highest quality standards. A monitoring system for double and missing sections guarantees defect-free products.

Used around the World

Millions of print products are inserted on our ProLiner every day. The ProLiner series is a success story and ensures satisfied customers and happy readers around the world.
Worldwide manufactured products on our ProLiner Inserting System: