Newsveyor single stream conveyor
for demanding transportation tasks

The overhead Newsveyor conveyor system is a suitable solution for transporting products in confined spaces and existing factories. Thanks to the system’s simple design and variable shingle spacing, it can be used in many different applications. It lends itself to mastering challenging transportation tasks over long distances.

More Cost-Effective Conveyor

The shingle stream conveyor is a flexible, cost-effective transport system to satisfy maximum requirements. The print products are accepted and transported without synchronization laterally in the shingle stream.

For complex transportation routes

The Newsveyor stands out due to its very robust and maintenance-free design. It can process a wide range of sizes and enables low-cost transportation solutions in print finishing.

User-friendly setup process

The system stands out for its minimal setup and maintenance times, combined with optimal accessibility of all operating elements – advantages that enable cost-effective solutions.