NewsGrip F Gripper Conveyor – the Flexible Gripper Conveyor Is the Backbone of the Mailroom

The universal gripper conveyor NewsGrip F can be used directly from the printing press and print finishing in the mailroom and thanks to its technological innovation provides fast, extremely careful, and reliable conveying of products at top speeds of up to 100,000 cycles per hour. Its simple assembly and low maintenance costs due to wear-resistant and easy replaceable materials make it a cost-effective solution.

Gentle Pick-Up Principle

The products are fed gently to the pick-up station from the printing press without pressing, alignment
or mechanical acceleration. The simple pick-up principle – the
gripping of one copy per clamp – ensures maximum process reliability.

Low Operating and Maintenance Costs

The chain profile design is extremely economical in terms of its energy consumption. The chain allows for an optimized distribution of power by combining tangential and linear drives, which has a positive effect on operating costs.

Flexible and compact conveyor guide

The aluminum profiles can be assembled with tight bends, and can be easily exchanged or adjusted to chain run changes. That means the conveyor can be readily adapted to meet new requirements in the mailroom.