the system for secure and cost-efficient bundle building

The FlexPack bundle processing system combines all processes including stacking, feeding of the bottom sheet, bottom sheet labeling, bundle film wrapping, top sheet printing, top sheet application and strapping in a single compact system. The efficient FlexPack comes into its own when processing highly regionalized products with a large number of inserts.

Compact machine

FlexPack combines not only all package processing steps into a single system, it saves space and is easily accessible thanks to its compact design.

Gentle, reliable stacking

The inserted end product in newspaper or mailshot production is individually gripped and gently positioned in a controlled manner. That simplifies stacking and guarantees that the process runs smoothly thanks to copy-specific counting.

Reliable bundle processing

Even when they contain many oversized inserts, the stacks are double-strapped in a compressed state. The bundles can then be palletized or distributed directly via a ramp system.