Vesta Jacketing Machine
For Tightly Wrapped Protective Jackets

With the Vesta jacketing machine, protective jackets are wrapped precisely and tightly. Thanks to its innovative technology and automated Amrys adjustment system, the Vesta has very short setup times.

Wrap sleeves

The Vesta makes it possible to wrap sleeves with a width of as little as 80 mm around books.
By making two passes, sleeves can also be added to books with protective jackets.

Turn in the flaps of full-flap books

With an optional full-flap device, the flaps of full-flap books can also be turned in perfectly.

Endsheet lift-up device

The patented endsheet lift-up unit ensures that any endsheets opened together with the book cases are safely returned to the book block, ensuring that the protective jacket is only wrapped around the book case.