The automatic gathering and sewing system Ventura Connect
for the most efficient inline production

To make the production of thread-sewn book blocks and brochures even more economical and flexible, Muller Martini offers the VenturaConnect book sewing system. This automated system connects the ZTM 3692 or ZTM 3694 gathering machine with up to three Muller Martini Ventura MC 160/200 book sewing machines. In addition, it acts as a buffer and always provides the integrated book sewing machines with an optimum supply of signatures. This significantly increases the efficiency of the overall system and minimizes production costs.

Modularity & investment protection

Connect systems increase production efficiency already with just one book sewing machine. The Connect-system can be upgraded with one or two additional book sewing machines. Existing Muller Martini book sewing machines – Ventura, Ventura MC 160 or Ventura MC 200 – can also be integrated.


Each of the integrated book sewing machines can be decoupled and operated solo. For example, two of three integrated book sewing machines are producing an inline-job with the gathering machine, while another production runs on the third book sewing machine in solo operation.


The gathering machine and the Connect system are operated via a touchscreen on the commander control system.
From here, the operator quickly and easily switches formats and manages jobs.