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albelli will Soon be Producing Photo Books on an Antaro Digital and an InfiniTrim

albelli, one of the major photo book manufacturers in the Netherlands, is upgrading with new technology: at drupa, the internationally active company signed the contract for an InfiniTrim trimming robot, which will be complemented by an Antaro Digital perfect binder next year.
albelli is part of Storio Group with production facilities in France, UK, Spain and Netherlands. The company offers a wide range of photo products and supplies customers in many European countries. In order to technically upgrade the photo book production, the older systems, which are working less and less efficiently, will be replaced in two stages. In September, the existing HD 143 three-knife trimmer will be replaced by an InfiniTrim cutting robot. Next year, the Antaro Digital perfect binder will replace the ageing KM 200 perfect binders. 
The Antaro Digital is the ideal perfect binder for albelli to produce the book blocks for the popular photo books in print run 1. In the on-demand sector, it produces products in runs of 1 at 2000 cycles/h. It has an extremely compact design and achieves the same output with less than half the number of operators. With the InfiniTrim, he has the ideal partner, as the trimming robot offers fully variable three-side-trimming.
For photo book production, albelli will rely on new Muller Martini equipment with the InfiniTrim trimming robot and the Antaro Digital perfect binder (from left): Thomas Graf, Regional Sales Manager Muller Martini, Jacqueline Vanderschaar, Plant Director at Storio Group, Sergio Gard, Reliability Engineer Storio Group, Robert van der Steldt, Manager Maintenance & Engineering Storio Group and Luc Sonck, Sales Manager Region Western Europe.

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