Berlin’s Mayor Tests a Pantera Perfect Binder


With an open house event attended by a large number of guests, including Berlin’s current mayor, Michael Müller, longtime Müller Martini customer PieReg Druckcenter Berlin GmbH, located in the German capital, officially celebrated the opening of its new production facility.

Owner and managing director Sven Regen extended an invitation to the event – and more than 400 visitors took advantage of the opportunity to see the successful full-service graphic arts company for themselves over the course of several hours. The celebratory opening day of the building – built on 450 square meters of space at a cost of EUR 2.5 million and dubbed the “PieReg Tower” – was a rousing success in every respect.


From left: Michael Müller (current mayor), Angelika Schöttler (district mayor), Sven Regen (company owner), Sebastian Preissler (commercial director).
Sven Regen was especially proud, of course, to be able to welcome Michael Müller, Berlin’s mayor, and Angelika Schöttler, the district mayor of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, two prominent political guests. Michael Müller took advantage of the opportunity to test the user-friendly operation of Müller Martini’s Pantera perfect binder for himself at the Commander.

The softcover line with a 12-station 3692 gathering machine and a Granit three-knife trimmer is the first in the history of PieReg Druckcenter Berlin GmbH, which was founded in 2003 by Erhard Pietsch (who died in 2018) and Sven Regen. And it is the main reason why the company expanded its production facilities, making an important contribution to safeguarding 60 jobs at the company. 

Watch this video to see an interview with PieReg owner Sven Regen as well as the Pantera perfect binder live in action in Berlin.

This is because with the commissioning of the Pantera a year ago, the innovative company, which also relies on a Müller Martini solution for saddle stitching with its Valore saddle stitcher, is now able to perform perfect binding in-house instead of outsourcing it as it had previously. This enabled PieReg to close an important gap for is large and loyal customer base. 

“The only thing that was missing was a perfect binder,” says Sven Regen. “Now, for one, we can produce products more economically because we have the entire value chain installed in-house. Second, we have more time because we no longer need to transport products back and forth between here and the bookbindery. And third, we are better able to control the quality standards of the end product with our own employees.”

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