29.10.2019 / Marcus Stich

Even machines built for eternity need periodic servicing

Under the MMServices.Print label, Muller Martini offers a wide range of services for web offset printing presses – from control retrofits to ink zone control, printing inserts, machine relocations, maintenance, delivery of original spare parts through to training.
Although Muller Martini has not been building any new printing presses since 2015, this does not mean that our customers around the world are left to their own devices - quite the contrary. Over the past 50 years, we have delivered some 2,200 Pronto, Progress, A-Series, Concept, Concepta, Alprinta and VSOP web offset presses with a total of 9,000 printing units to customers on all continents for form, mailing, pharmaceutical, safety and package printing.

To be honest, I don't know how many of them are still in use. That depends on the year of manufacture as well as the market segment. Of the machines built in the past 20 years, over 90 percent are still in production. In total, 60 percent of all machines built will likely still be in use at our customers' plants 

To ensure that they continue to run around the clock, we offer our customers customized, all-round service packages under the MMServices.Print label through the service organization MULLER MARTINI DRUCKMASCHINEN GMBH IN MAULBURG (Germany) – be it by telephone (MMSupport), remotely, on site or customized service agreements (MMSelect).

Preventing machine failure, increasing performance
To put it in slightly exaggerated terms, our printing presses are built for eternity. And indeed, many Pronto, Progress, Concept and A-Series machines still reliably perform their day-to-day services even after decades of use. In the interests of investment protection and maintain this reliability, it is advisable, in terms of optimum maintenance, to subject particularly older models to periodic inspections – and, in particular, to upgrade the control system as the centerpiece of the system. Because with a plannable retrofit you will avoid an unnecessarily long breakdown of your machine that cannot be planned. 

A periodic service also optimizes your operating and investment costs and ensures productivity, quality and added value. In other words, to extend the life cycle of your equipment and provide reliable investment protection, we work in partnership with you and MMServices.Print to increase the performance, profitability and print quality of your printing press, and ensure that you no longer have to work overtime due to a machine failure.

Trained specialists know the machines inside and out
Although numerous freelancers also vie for service orders in the market, only our highly trained specialists, who know the Muller Martini printing machines inside out thanks to their many years of experience, ensure professional maintenance and repair concepts, machine overhauls, targeted retrofits, upgrades, extensions, machine relocations and operator training. What is more, our in-house development engineers are constantly working on new solutions for the installed base – something freelancers cannot offer. 

Phil Ouzman, for example, whose English safety printing company Smith & Ouzman carried out various upgrades to a 22-year-old concept, assured me that he did not think twice about hiring Muller Martini technicians to carry out the retrofit. “After all, they have substantial technical expertise, which is very important with web offset printing presses.” (Please read the article in the next issue of our "Panorama" customer magazine in December.)

Exclusive whitepaper with all the details about our MMServices.Print offering
The attached WHITEPAPER, which you can download exclusively from the Muller Martini website, lists the most important services of the MMServices.Print offering. Simply fill out the form below.

Do you have any more questions about our MMServices.Print offering? Your local Muller Martini contact person will be happy to help you. Or you can contact me directly at marcus.stich@de.mullermartini.com.

I will be happy to help you.

Marcus Stich, Technical Director
Muller Martini Druckmaschinen GmbH

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