With an Olluminated LED Bookboard Cover to the Gold Medal

At the Druck & Medien Awards 2022, a festive gala with around 400 guests at Berlin's "Grand Hyatt" Hotel, Buchbinderei Schaumann GmbH won the gold medal in the "Finisher of the Year" category sponsored by Muller Martini.
The innovative Darmstadt-based family business, run by husband and wife team Ulrike and Reiner Vettermann and a long-time Kolbus and Muller Martini customer, took 1st place thanks to several exclusively equipped and finished books. These included, for example, a book with an LED cardboard cover and built-in switch.
This year, for the first time, the award-winning works could be admired before the gala in an exhibition featuring the print products submitted by all the finalists. According to a media release from print.de, "what was remarkable was that the number of entries was the highest since 2016. The quality of the submitted print products also reached a sensational level. The expert jury, which had met in Hamburg for a full day, unanimously stated that print and finishing quality continues to move at a rising level."
Here you can find the list of winners of the Druck & Medien Awards 2022.

In the picture above you can see (from left): Hans Leuenberger (Regional Director Germany/Switzerland/Direct Markets Muller Martini), Laura Wontorra (presenter), Reiner Vettermann (Managing Director Buchbinderei Schaumann), Ulrike Vettermann (Managing Director Buchbinderei Schaumann), Jens Pfeifer (Sales Manager Buchbinderei Schaumann).