Printed Christmas anticipation: print provides 24 surprises

Advent calendars for adults are experiencing a real boom – there is now no topic that is not occupied in one way or another. The spectrum ranges from fishing to tools and from chili sauces to exquisite wine. Knud Wassermann, editor-in-chief of the "Graphische Revue", has set out on a search and compiled his top ten Advent calendars for you.
Last year, despite my somewhat advanced age, I received an Advent calendar as a gift. No, not with chocolate, but with 24 small bottles filled with rum from all over the world. The surprise was successful, and I thought I would take up the topic of advent calendars in a blog.
Over the year, however, the idea fell into oblivion – but then it suddenly came back. While visiting a print shop last September, I came across the Chili & BBQ Advent calendar from Fireland Foods, which had just been filled with 24 glasses. 5,000 of them were produced and are now sold over the real or virtual counter at Fireland Foods and Amazon for 39.90 Euros.
There are almost no limits to the imagination
More and more adults cannot escape the charm of Advent calendars. The portal My Advent Calendar gives a good overview of what is available on the market – the offer is huge. The question is rather which topics are not yet covered. Even dogs do not come too briefly and are spoiled on each Advent day with a treat or toy.
There are almost no limits to the imagination: sensual things, jewels, cosmetics, sports, spices and tools. But things have their price – for the most exclusive among the Advent calendars you have to dig deep into your pockets. A whisky Advent calendar in the "Platinum Edition" is listed at Amazon for 2400 Euros – commerce apparently knows no bounds.
A popular advertising novelty
The first Advent calendars were created in the middle of the 19th century. 24 pictures were gradually hung up, or chalk lines were added to the walls to wipe them away. The first Advent calendar with pictures to be glued in is said to have been published by Gerhard Lang from Munich in 1903. On Christmas Eve there was a picture of the Christ Child dressed in white.
From the 1920s onwards, there were windows to open – first with pictures, then with chocolate. In the 50s, Advent calendars became more and more a mass product and a popular promotional item that has not lost its effect to this day.
Difficult to grasp market
Market figures are not really publicly available. According to market researcher Nielsen, around 17.5 million chocolate calendars were sold in food retail and drugstores in Germany in 2018, generating sales of around 100 million Euros. The Swiss company Lindt & Sprüngli is expected to produce a reported 2 million calendars per year, and the German Wawi Group is expected to produce a total of 25 million at eight locations worldwide.
However, these figures do not include the consistently high-priced Advent calendars for adults. Here the trend is clearly towards exclusivity and originality. This is also fuelled by the combination of digital and online printing, which additionally opens up the potential of personalization for Advent calendars.
Advent calendars for adults are another example of how print is always good for surprises!

The Top Ten Advent Calendars



Vespa Advent calendar 2020:
A brand new model Advent calendar from Franzis for building a Vespa. In 24 steps you can assemble the Italian classic on two wheels yourself. This calendar is perfect as a gift for collectors and Vespa fans. Available for 56,53 Euros at amazon.de



Star-Wars-X-Wing-Fighter: With the RC-X-Wing-Fighter from Star Wars you can assemble a remote-controlled spaceship in 24 steps until the presents are handed out. Thanks to the easy-to-fly height sensor, control is child's play and perfect for beginners aged 14 and over. This Star Wars Fighter is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The X-Wing-Fighter is available for 63.35 Euros at amazon.de




Muesli-2Go Advent Calendar 2020: Behind 24 doors 24 different bio Muesli 2go hides itself – of it eleven exclusive Muesli sorts, which are not in the sales. A healthy breakfast is provided for every day! The calendar is available for 49.90 Euros at mymuesli.com




24 Days of Rum: A rum advent calendar with 24 selected rums. The calendar also includes two tasting glasses and a booklet with all the information about rum. The calendar is available for 74.90 Euros at rumundco.de



KernEnergie-Advent Calendar 2020: In the lovingly designed calendar of KERNenergie different nut mixtures, nut-fruit mixtures and chocolate products surprise. A gift for lovers of salty, sweet, spicy and chocolate nut mixtures. There is the calendar for 74,90 Euros with kern-ernergie.com




Pets Deli Advent Calendar for dogs: In this calendar there is a surprise for your dog every day! Behind the 24 doors you will find dog treats, dog snacks, toys, wet food and much more. The calendar is available for 59,99 Euros at amazon.de



Chili and BBQ Advent Calendar: This mild and wild Advent calendar contains 24 delicious chili and BBQ sauces and as a bonus seven new products compared to last year. A hot Christmas present for all spicy eaters and grill masters. The calendar is available for 39.90 Euros from Fireland Food.




Wajos Spice Advent Calendar: The Wajos Spice Advent Calendar contains selected herb and spice mixtures, vinegar, oils, mustard, sauces and delicatessen and is therefore the perfect gift for all who like to cook deliciously and creatively. The calendar is available for 50.80 Euros at amazon.de




Personalizable Advent Calendar with chocolate: The Advent calendar can be personalized and is filled with Hello Mini Sticks from Lindt. The calendar can be ordered for 19.90 Euros from amazon.de


TOP 10


Stahlwille Tool Advent Calendar: The Stahlwille Tool Advent Calendar contains a 24-piece 3/8″ fine-tooth ratchet set. Housed in a robust case are socket wrench inserts, screwdriver inserts (PH and TORX) as well as bit holders, extensions and a reducer at ¼". Thus, existing inserts can be used likewise. The calendar is to be had for 119 Euros on amazon.de.