First Hardcover Academy Training in China

One of Muller Martini’s VIP Chinese customers – Shandong YunJie, partnered with Muller Martini China and Shanghai Mintai Printing Supplies – organized the first Hardcover Academy training in cooperation with the Shandong Printing Association and the Vocational Skills Appraisal and Guidance Center for Mechanical Industry.
The event was attended by instructors and press operators from various key customers from all around China. In his opening speech, Mr. Liu Jie, Director of Shandong YunJie, encouraged the participants to use the knowledge they acquired during the training together with their skills to improve the quality of end products in particular and to develop the graphic arts industry in general.

The participants of the special course on the operation and maintenance of Muller Martini equipment received a certificate.

Afterwards, experts from partner companies shared their experiences regarding technology, craftsmanship, materials and quality control, which are important for producing perfect hardcover books. Stephen Liu from Muller Martini Shanghai then presented Muller Martini's hardcover solutions. The subsequent exchange of ideas was particularly interesting because the three Muller Martini specialists Inga Wiens (from Germany), Sam Hsu (from Taiwan) and Jerry Zhang (from Shenzhen) were connected via video conference. In total, the training lasted six days. On the last two days, participants took a nationally recognized professional skills assessment exam.
In addition to the hardcover training, some participants also attended a special course on the operation and maintenance of Muller Martini equipment, supported by Muller Martini engineers from Europe and China. Those who passed all the requirements were awarded with an "Operation & Maintenance Advanced Training" certificate for the Diamant MC 60 bookline.