Happy customers at drupa booth 

Record Production on the Publica PRO at Walsworth, USA

We have already welcomed a lot of customers from the USA to our stand who not only wanted to have a look at the new technologies, but also wanted to share on their successful installations back home.

A good example is Phil Archer, General Manager of the large American printing company Walsworth. He happily reported, that with the new Publica PRO 12 perfect binder, which was recently installed, he produced a record 90,326 books in 8 hours and a total of 237,626 books in 24 hours.
Incredible, that a 12,000-cycle machine consistently produced more than 11,000 books per hour over an eight-hour period! Another example of the high productivity and reliability of Muller Martini machines.
Phil Archer: "These results happen when two great companies come together. Muller equipment helps our amazing Walsworth employees set new standards in the industry. The new equipment is a game changer, allowing our skilled manufacturing team to perform at the highest level. It's a great partnership that gets stronger with every install."

Phil Archer, General Manager at Walsworth, USA (left), reports to Andy Fetherman, CEO Muller Martini Region North America, at the drupa booth about the production record on his new Publica PRO perfect binder: within eight hours, his team produced an extraordinary 90,326 books!