Successful Open House for the Japanese Trade Press at I-Word

The Open House organized for the Japanese trade press at Muller Martini customer I-Word in Sapporo was a big success. After welcoming speeches by I-Word President Toshiyasu Okuyama and Muller Martini Chairman of the Board Rudolf Muller, the trade journalists were able to enjoy several live demos on various machines.

For example, in the softcover area, the production of a magazine and a medical textbook was demonstrated on the two Alegro and Bolero perfect binders, and in the saddle stitching area, the production of brochures was demonstrated on the Primera MC and the BravoPlus.

Toshiyasu Okuyama (left), I-Word President, and Rudolf Müller, Chairman of the Board of Muller Martini, in front of the new Alegro perfect binder at I-Word.

Toshiyasu Okuyama took a brief look at the history of I-Word, which was founded in 1965. According to the company president, innovative solutions have always been a high priority. That's why I-Word continuously invested in state-of-the-art technology – most recently in an Alegro perfect binder and a Primera MC saddle stitcher. "Today, we see ourselves as a Smart Factory," Toshiyasu Okuyama emphasized, not without pride.

The fact that I-Word has connected two perfect binders and two saddle stitchers to the Connex.Info workflow system from Muller Martini brings the company great advantages, as Rudolf Muller emphasized. "I-Word can thus track all productions live from headquarters or from the production floor and receives a detailed report at the end of each production run." To further automate production, I-Word also plans to integrate prepress into the workflow system using JDF/JMF. Looking to the Japanese market, Rudolf Muller underlined, "that we will continue to support our Japanese customers and work with them on new solutions – led by our strong Japanese Muller Martini crew."

The subsequent question and answer session was used intensively by the trade press. One of the journalists asked Rudolf Muller why he had taken the trip to Japan despite the long flight from Switzerland and the restrictions due to the corona pandemic. "I want to meet the customers on site in person and hear their comments, impressions, effects and sometimes complaints. After all, such discussions are extremely important for the development of machines – also for the Japanese market," emphasized the Chairman of the Board of Muller Martini.
Watch this video for a brief overview of the Open House at I-Word.

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