The Fifth FlexLiner in Four Years


Due to the unchecked growth of its leaflet business, Prospekt Versand Service GmbH (P.V.S.) is putting its fifth FlexLiner into operation. Starting in March, its facility in the Hungarian city of Sopron will have no fewer than eleven Muller Martini inserting systems in operation.

1.488 billion leaflets in 2014, 1.690 billion in 2015, 1.870 billion in 2016, 2.050 billion in 2017, 2.240 billion in 2018 – the number of leaflets published by P.V.S. for its customers in several European countries is only going in one direction – up. "Leaflets are popular because they are delivered free to homes, often remain in the home for several days, are usually read by several people and the various offers can easily be read and compared while having a cup of coffee – without the need to turn on an electronic device," explains P.V.S. managing director Erich Romano, describing the company's success model. 

Erich Romano: "It made sense to rely on the FlexLiner again."​

This is due not least to a modern production process with highly automated systems. Currently, ten Muller Martini inserting machines are in use in Sopron, located near the Austrian border: four FlexLiners, three BiLiners, two AlphaLiners and an Integro. The fifth FlexLiner since 2015 will be added in March. "The technology of our FlexLiners has really proven itself and I am completely satisfied with them. So it made sense to rely on this inserting model again," says Erich Romano, justifying his latest investment decision.

The newest FlexLiner has a gluing unit so it can affix cards to the leaflets when they are inserted – a process that is increasingly being requested by customers, according to the managing director. Until now, P.V.S. has attached the cards exclusively offline on special machines. This will continue to be the case, which is why the successful company has also installed a new offline gluing unit with a Robusto compensating stacker from Muller Martini in addition to its fifth FlexLiner. The leaflets produced on this machine will then be sent to FlexLiner lines 1 to 4.

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